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Seven Wedding Food Trends in 2018

Wedding Food Trends - Events of Excellence

Planning a wedding is a big deal for every couple. Whether you choose to elope on a remote island or organize a huge fiesta for all your loved ones, one thing is for sure – you will be busy. You will have to think about the dress, the flowers, choose a photographer, and on top of all of that, you will have to think about the foods that all your guests will enjoy. Don't get intimidated by the menu choices, look at it as a way to personalize your special day and make it all about you.

We wanted to make a list where you can draw some inspiration from and feel like you are in the know of all the wedding food trends that are taking 2018 by storm.

1. Local, Organic, Farm to Table

This trend is not just for weddings, as you might very well know. More and more millennial couples are thinking about the environment and small local farmers, so they choose fresh, high quality food for their everyday life and for their special day too. Locally grown, organic food supports local economy and does not leave such a huge environmental footprint.

Many caterers and event venues are right on track and keeping up with this trend, so you should be able to find farm-to-table option pretty easily. Couples often let their guests know the origin of the food they are served, by writing where some of the ingredients came from.

2. Help Yourself

Traditional weddings usually include a full sit-down dinner, where guests take their assigned seats and professional staff serves them courses all through the evening. This option is great for traditional couples who want to treat their guests to entrees that they choose prior to the wedding.

Some modern couples enjoy letting their guests make a custom plate of their choice during the wedding reception and go for a buffet-style dinner. This way the already busy couple does not have to worry about collecting all the dinner choices prior to the wedding. This gives them more time to focus on something else instead.

This buffet-style dining also helps people socialize and feel more relaxed than during a formal setting dinner.

Some caterers make the food station the focal point of the reception and present it impeccably.

3. Brunch-Style Wedding Menu

Traditional dinner-style menus will always be popular for weddings, but light brunch-style munching is becoming popular too. Brunch is a great option for something between breakfast and dinner. Going out for brunch is very popular these days, so there is no surprise that it gets incorporated into weddings too, especially when many couples are choosing day-time reception instead of evening. And who doesn't like eggs, omelets, waffles, and French toast?

4. Comfort Foods

Some couples are foregoing a formal dining for the “comfort food” approach. This is when you can bring out your burgers and fries, pizza, fried chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, and many more. Think about what your mom would make.

This trend is great for any couple that would like to share what they love with those that they love. Imagine perfectly small bite-size mac and cheese appetizers and go from there.

5. Alternative Desserts

Multi-tiered wedding cake, complete with frosting, ornate decorations, and bride and groom figurines on top, has been a staple for decades, if not longer. It is here to stay too, no doubt, but some couples choose to go a slightly different route and offer a personalized plate of sweet treats for their guests. Wedding participants can choose doughnuts, macaroons, ice cream, various cheesecakes, pastries, cupcakes, and more.

This way the sweet table is personalized and fun, giving guests many options. If you don't want to completely forgo a traditional cake, consider having both, just don't make the cake too big.

6. Late-Night Snacks

Your guests will be completely satisfied with whatever food you choose to serve them. However, you most likely have drinks and dancing planned too, so some appetites might get worked up again.

Many picture perfect weddings, even Hollywood stars', now include late night snacks. Think something small, like little sliders, cookies, or even fast food burgers. Keep those finger foods close to the dance floor and your wedding will be a hit!

7. Craft Drinks

Traditional drinks, like beer, wine, and gin are all fine, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a room for a little something with a twist. Think about your favorite bar and what you might like on a perfect Sunday afternoon – a craft cocktail with unique ingredients and beautiful presentation perhaps? The drinks can reflect your style or flavor of the season, like lavender spiked lemonade for spring or a spiced apple cider drink for a fall wedding.

Whatever approach you choose, make sure the wedding is about you and what feels right for you.