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We Offer You the Top 10 Questions for Your Wedding Cake Baker

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Do not go into a cake tasting empty handed or else the sugar may go to your head! All jokes aside, the sugar may not take over your body but it could cloud your judgement. It is important that you set yourself up for success with a guideline of at least ten important questions that you need/want to ask your baker. Yes, it is paramount that your wedding cake taste good but it should be of high quality as well. Below you will find a guide for the top ten topics/questions that you should be asking your wedding cake baker. Remember this list is just a guide, feel free to customize the questions with your own twist!

10. Filling Choices

If you are looking to fill your cake, it is important to know your options. There are several different cake fillings available on today's market. Bakers can fill your cake with anything from fruit to chocolate mousse. However, the type of ingredients utilized to create the filling will make an extreme difference in taste quality. Make sure to ask where your filling ingredients will be coming from and if you opt for exotic fruits, make sure to inquire about extra costs.

9. Experience In Buttercream or Fondant

Each and every baker has their own frosting medium preference. Some cake bakers specialize in only buttercream and will not utilize fondant, while others have the ability to work with both. So, if you desire a specific frosting style then make sure to confirm that your baker is able to execute your wishes.

8. Utilization of Sugar Flowers or Fresh Blooms

Almost all bakers hone the skill of creating beautiful sugar flower sculptures. If you are curious about their previous work then ask to see a few samples. The real question here is if they are able to incorporate real flowers provided by your florist into the wedding cake (if that's what you desire).

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7. When will the Cake be Prepared By

It is not out of the norm for a baker to your finish your cake up to four days before your actual wedding date. Bakers are constantly in flux of creating several wedding cakes at one time and have to manage them all somehow. It is obviously ideal for your cake to be completed the day before your wedding day but understand that a completion a couple of days prior should not have any impact on your cakes taste or decorative quality.

6. Who Ultimately Bakes the Cake

Each bakery has its own way of running things, some bakeries have a team of designers and bakers while others are solely run by one individual creating the entire cake from scratch. It is good to know how many people will be touching your cake but it is also imperative that you understand the number of workers involved in the creation of your cake will not affect your cakes quality whatsoever. However, you will want to be able to speak with the designer directly if that person is separate from the baker to ensure clear communication of your cakes ultimate design.

5. Cake Pricing

Most wedding cakes are priced by the total number of slices needed. The complexity of the cakes overall decoration also has the ability to increase or decrease your cake's price. If you choose an elaborate display of flowers with an exotic fruit filling then be prepared to pay a higher price.

4. Top Tier Pricing

The top tier of the cake is not always included in the overall price of your wedding cake. It is best to find out a baker's top tier policy before going forward with any official cake decisions. Numerous high quality bakers will include the top tier in their basic pricing structure but make sure to ask.

3. Cake Stands

Several bakeries offer rentable cake stands, and you will need one for your wedding cake. It is up to you to decide if the bakery has one that matches your decor in stock or if you need to shop elsewhere.

2. Delivery Process

One of the most important questions to ask your baker is how they will be delivering the cake to your reception. Most often, a delivery will cost you extra but it is worth it. It is also a good idea to inquire if the bakery has delivered to your venue in the past and if they are familiar with the area, otherwise make sure to give them detailed instructions as to where the cake will need to be dropped off. Additionally, you will want to cover service entrances, elevators, and kitchen access. This way the cake will be delivered with ease.

1. Proof of Baker License

Each baker is required to be licensed by the state and although it may seem like a self explanatory question, it is important to ask. As a licensed baker you're required to have the State Health department routinely inspect your bakery and make sure all conditions are sanitary. You do not want your cake to be baked in an unsanitary kitchen and have all of your lovely guests sick on the biggest day of your life.