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The Guide to a Perfect Vegan Wedding

Whether you are planning a vegan wedding or even a regular standard wedding, the process can be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing. A vegan wedding will require some extra consideration which may seem overwhelming but it can be done. You will need to consider every element of your wedding including your dress, caterer, cake, favors etc. Luckily, below you will find a guide to creating the perfect vegan wedding with ease! Hosting a vegan wedding is possible when broken down with our simple how to guide.

Step One - The Dress

In order to relieve a little stress on the bride, it is best to begin with the dress. In most cases wedding dresses are typically vegan except for silk. As we all know silk comes from farmed silkworms so, you will need to make sure your dress is one hundred percent silk free. There are plenty of other vegan dress materials such as lace, chiffon, sateen, and taffeta. So, rule of thumb is to check each dress label before even trying on the dress to ensure you fall in love with only cruelty free options. Do not forget to make sure to check all tags of your prospect bridesmaid dresses as well.

Step Two - The Suit

The second step in our guide is also the most challenging, now that the bride's dress is out of the way, it is time to find a vegan groom's suit. Although, in the moment finding an all vegan men's suit may seem impossible as most men's suits are made from silk, wool and/or cashmere, but with a little extra effort it can be done. All you need to do is search for a cotton, linen, rayon or polyester based suit NOT made from a wool blend. Practically all department store retailers carry cruelty free suits. Or if your budget allows, custom make your own vegan groom's suits by directly working with a tailor to create the perfect suit which meets all your groom's needs. Lastly, do not forget to pick out a vegan friendly tie. Luckily, a vegan tie is usually inexpensive and easy to find. Ties and Bow Ties for something a little more funky.

Step Three - Cuisine

Once the bride and groom's attire has been taken care of it is time to move onto the more enjoyable and less stressful part of vegan wedding planning and that is the search for the ideal vegan caterer. Now is the time you get to taste several delicious vegan dishes in the quest to find the perfect ones for your wedding menu. It is best to keep your guests in mind on your journey for the perfect dish as your wedding will mostly be their first experience with vegan food. Choose something that is both flavorful and filling. Unfortunately, there will be several caterers promising that they can accommodate a vegan wedding but few will truly be able to perform. At best the company will produce a vegan meal but the quality will be sub par. It is in your best interest to research each and every caterer you are considering along with scheduling a tasting prior to signing any contracts. We encourage you to ask your caterers all the questions you want from where they source their food to their most popular dishes.

Step Four - The Cake

Possibly the most fun challenge of all is finding your vegan wedding cake. Vegan wedding cakes are so delicious that almost no one will be able to tell the difference. You will not only have your guests pleasantly pleased with a delectable cake but also pleasantly surprised that no animals were hurt in the process. Veganism is on the rise and several bakeries are well spoken for when it comes to accommodating a vegan diet. However, it is best to contact vegan exclusive bakeries first, they will have the most experience and well as options. Another great option to consider is a dessert table. A dessert table is a flexible and unique option as your guests will be able choose which treat they prefer. Vegan cookies, cupcakes, and other various treats are also extremely easy to source and some can even be bought online. Always make sure to request a sample before committing to one specific cake or treat! Your wedding day is extremely special and your cake should be no exception.

Step Five - Flowers

If you are utilizing fresh flowers make sure your florist does not wrap your finished flowers with silk ribbon. Luckily, this is a quick fix and is easily swapped out for lace, cotton or twine. Additionally, if you opted for the use of artificial flowers make sure they are not made from silk.

Step Six - Shoes

If you have been a vegan for a few years then you are familiar with shopping for vegan-friendly shoes and shopping for your wedding shoes will be no different. Just remember the basic rules of avoiding silk, suede, and leather. Plus, be sure to check for the notorious ‘fully man made materials' label. If your wedding budget is tight then check out places like Payless or Target as they sell a wide variety of synthetic shoes. If your wedding budget is not so tight, then be sure to check out Moo Shoes or Beyond Skin as they sell some of the chicest high-end vegan heels available.

Step Seven - Jewelry

It is in your best interest to avoid pearls when it comes to wedding jewelry and focus your efforts on seeking out conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds. However, if your heart is set on pearls then make sure they are synthetic. Authentic pearls come from oysters who have most likely been cultured which includes the exploitation of the oyster by force farming and force opening the shells by irritant to reap the pearl. In short authentic pearls are not vegan-friendly but do not fear synthetic pearls are almost identical to authentic pearls and half the price.

Step Eight - Makeup

When planning to hire your makeup artist for the big day make sure they experienced with using cruelty free vegan facial products. In the case that your chosen makeup artist has not utilized cruelty free makeup before, ask if he/she is willing to use vegan products that you will provide for them. The best part of utilizing this avenue is that you have the chance to educate yet another makeup artist about the benefits of using vegan beauty products.

Step Nine - Favors

Wedding favors are your way of expressing gratitude to your special friends and family who have traveled out to celebrate the best day of your life, your wedding day! There are many ways to convey your appreciation for your guests such as jars of delicious vegan candy or homemade vegan-friendly candles! No matter which way you chose to thank you guests, they are sure to thoroughly enjoy your cruelty free wedding without any guilt.