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Mistakes when Planning Wedding

Wedding Menu Mistakes

The Most Frequent Menu Mistakes Brides Make When Planning Their Wedding

If you are looking for a memorable wedding, one of the things that guests will never forget is the food. You definitely want your closest friends to be talking about the menu at your event for all the right reasons. Here are 11 missteps to make sure you choose wisely.

Pleasing Only Your Pallet

You need to think about what is pleasing to everyone, not just you. Perhaps you are a vegan or gluten-free but the other hundred people at your wedding may not be. Make sure you have enough options to keep everyone fed, full and happy.

Forgetting About Dietary Needs

Some guests may just not be picky but they actually may have conditions like celiac disease that come with strict dietary restrictions. There are many delicious many options that can please guests with dietary restrictions. Brides should take full advantage of the culinary expertise of their caterer yet also challenge them to create alternative menu options that everyone will find delicious and substantial.

Offering Too Much at Cocktail Hour

There are so many creative cocktail hour options now, but it's important to remember that the food served during this time is not supposed to be the dinner. Don't overstuff them so they don't enjoy the food at the reception.

Serving Kids The Same Food

If you have children at the wedding don't forget to ask the caterer about planning a separate child's menu. Children can be finicky and have simple tastes and you don't want the kids to become unhappy which may make the parents have to leave the festivities early.

Just Picking Off The Menu

Many caterers offer these wedding packages that are standard based on their experience of what brides have liked in the past. However many can be boring so find interesting options.

Skipping The Tasting

Just because you enjoy one dish does not mean that you will enjoy everything your caterer has to offer. If someone tells you don't worry you will love it don't buy it. It may be a cost to sample things but is worth it in the long run.

Not Thinking About How Your Food and Alcohol of Choice Will Mix

Alcohol doesn't affect the way your food tastes but food does affect the way your alcohol tastes. Considering the two working together can create a pallet experience that will elevate your wedding meal. A good rule of thumb is to pair the drink with the food sauce or seasoning. For example pairing a suite drink with a spicy appetizer helps to counteract the spicy burn. Or you may pair bitter cocktails or high tannin red wine as a palate cleanser or with a fatty steak.

Choosing Out of Season Foods

Your menu should coincide with your season so think heartier fare in the winter and lighter bites in the summer. It should be easier to get the fresh ingredients you choose and what is local to your area. Menu choices that reflect the season will provide the best taste and visual presence.

Ordering Cake for Every Guest

This is costly and instead you should always have a smaller version or a sheet cake to cut in the back.

Forgetting About Before and After

Don't forget about appetizers and late night bites. Make sure there's enough food for all especially if you have a long day. Make sure you have something for post-ceremony and maybe a late night snack of chicken fingers and fries.