Catering For All Occasions


Menu Compliments

Vegetable Options:

Balsamic Glazed Asparagus - Events of Excellence

Balsamic Glazed Asparagus

- Pan glazed Asparagus spears tossed in olive oil and aged vinegar

Oven Roasted Root Veggies

- Butternut squash, potatoes, parsnips and turnips splashed with sea salt as well as olive oil that are roasted then garnished with freshly cut parsley

Haricot Vert

- French green string beans tossed and steamed with sliced almonds and brown butter

Baby Vegetable Saute

Ratatouille - Events of Excellence

- Baby carrots, haricot vert, pettypan squash, and pearl onions sauteed in a parsley and butter mixture


- Diced tomatoes, sweet peppers, and mediterranean vegetables sauteed in a basil and garlic mixture

Baby Spring Carrots

- baby tender carrots that are cooked til' crisp and then glazed with tarragon and brown sugar

Seasonal Grilled Veggies - Events of Excellence

Seasonal Grilled Veggies

- Farmer's market seasonal veggies sweeped with olive oil and mixed with herbs which are then grilled to refinement

Starch Options:

Crispy Sage Polenta

- Sage and Parmesan injected cakes of polenta

Roasted Red Potatoes

- Red potatoes drizzled with virgin light oil olive which are then tossed with sea salt and fresh herbs that will be oven roasted to perfection

Yukon Potato Puree

Baked Potato Steakhouse Style - Events of Excellence

- Gold Yukon potatoes whipped and fluffed with roasted garlic and butter

Baked Potato Steakhouse Style

- Full russet potatoes topped with butter, bacon, scallions, sour cream, and cheese

Potato Artichoke Mash

- Gold Yukon potatoes that are cream pureed with artichokes braised in garlic

Simple Noodles Buttered

- Guests choice of pasta tossed in fresh garlic and creamy butter

Vegetable Pilaf Confetti

- Long grain rice toasted and finished with chopped farmer's market veggies

Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto - Events of Excellence

Saffron Basmati Rice

- Toasty and fragrant kernels of basmati rice oven baked with threads of saffron

Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto

- Wild mushrooms, porcini, and creamy risotto smothered in parmesan cheese with a white truffle finish

Wild Fall Rice Medley

- Minnesota grade A wild rice mixed with dried cranberries, barley, toast pecans, and apricots