Catering For All Occasions


Hors D'Oeuvres

Cucumber Coins

Cucumber Coins - Events of Excellence

- Skinned crisp cucumber coins with your choice of filling, either shrimp seafood salad or a southwestern salad made up of black beans, yellow corn, onions, herbs, and peppers

Endive Boats

- Crisp leaves of endive stuffed with smoked duck, pecans, and cranberries finished with a orange aioli

Baby Roma Tomatoes

- Toasted baby roma tomatoes in red wine vinegar, olive oil, and parmesan paired with basil chiffonade


- Warmed buckwheat pancakes with your choice of one of three fillings, either candied endives and bay scallops, smoked salmon with creme fraiche and chives or a traditional caviar garnish of sevruga, osetra, and beluga

Ahi Tuna Crisp

Blinis - Events of Excellence

- Ahi Tuna seared to perfection in a glaze of soy wasabi atop a crispy wonton

Balsamic Figs

- Prosciutto wrapped figs drizzled in a balsamic vinegar (please ask for availability)

Pork or Citrus Chicken Tostadas

- Marinated pork or citrus chicken atop a bed of lettuce on a crispy tortilla drizzled with creme fraiche and avocado salsa

Demitasse Soup Sips

Balsamic Figs - Events of Excellence

A great way to begin the night by sipping small portions of your choice of several soup options:
- Chilled strawberry with mint and watermelon
- Carrot paired with tangerine and ginger
- Ceviche mixed with cilantro and sweet peppers
- Garlic Potato
- Seafood gazpacho
- Red pepper fennel
- Chilled shellfish with leek watercress
- Chilled cantaloupe paired with cardamom and orange
- Chilled honeydew with lime and basil

Baby Potatoes

- Tender baby potatoes stuffed with house smoked salmon in a chive creme fraiche

Flat Iron Steak Crostini

Stuffed Mushrooms - Events of Excellence

- Flat iron steak paired with a mustard herb aioli and caramelized onions atop a warm crostini

Stuffed Mushrooms

- Button mushrooms filled with your choice of stuffing, either bacon and cheese, spinach and cheese, sausage, crab, or pesto and pinenut

Moroccan Meatballs

- Moroccans style lamb meatballs, cucumber pomegranate salad, and harissa served in a ceramic soup spoon

Roasted Garlic Prawns

Roasted Garlic Prawns - Events of Excellence

- Chili and garlic roasted prawns paired with a mojo herb dipping sauce


- Crisp flour dough stuffed with curried green peas and potatoes paired with a spicy serrano sauce for dipping

Steak Tartare

- Steak tartare atop a warmed potato crisp paired with creme horseradish fraiche

Oregon Shrimp Salad

- Sweet Oregon shrimp salad served with tarragon and lemon in a flaky phyllo cup

Seared Foie Gras

- Foie gras seared to perfection atop sourdough biscuits drizzled in huckleberry jam

Smoked Salmon Cone

Smoked Salmon Cone - Events of Excellence

- Smoked salmon smothered in creme fraiche presented in a savory waffle cone topped with chives

Herb Grilled Portobellos

- Grilled portobello mushrooms placed atop crispy polenta croutons and finished with fontina cheese

Tuscan Skewers

- Herb mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and kalamata olives strung carefully on a skewer drizzled in a mild virgin olive oil


Beef, Chicken, or veggie skewers served with a seasoning of your choice:
- Jamaican jerk dry rub spice
- Tandoori marinade in lemon, curry, yogurt, and paprika paired with a yogurt cucumber dipping sauce
- Teriyaki marinade of teriyaki sauce, garlic and soy
- Grilled lime marinade of crushed lime, herbs, and minced garlic
- Ginger thai marinade of spicy ginger, and basil paired with a peanut sauce for dipping