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Ideas for a High Tech Wedding

Most people have ideas for what they want for their wedding day. Some plan more than others but typically will have opinions about the details of the big day. Some are particularly interested in pop, pizzazz or pure awesomeness, and making the wedding reception high-tech can be the best way to go.

A connected engagement ring: sure a diamond is forever but for a tech savvy bride-to-be something more connected may suit her much better. Ringly makes connected rings that connect to your phone and send you customize alerts through lights and vibrations.

Record your proposal: Ring Cam is an unassuming ring box with a built-in high death video camera that can record your entire proposal. It is for rent as it will only be used one time and you simply specify the date and location of the delivery, record your proposal, upload the footage and return the box in the mail.

Design a beautiful website: couples have been making wedding websites for a while now and they have been pretty ugly. Riley and Grey created easy-to-use wedding website builder that creates beautifully designed websites for engaged couples. You can tell the story of your engagement, introduced by the parties and publish event details and link to registries. It even collects guest comments.

Stream your wedding: high tech way to showcase your special day is to live stream your wedding. This is the perfect answer for destination weddings and for couples who have guests who are unable to attend. I Do Stream is a company that offers live wedding streaming packages.

3D printer cake topper: get a personalized, 3D printed cake topper of you and your spouse for the top your wedding cake. The company Captured Dimensions uses a 3D body scanning to make real personalized replicas of you and your spouse for the special day.

A Go Pro bouquet: you can put a tiny Go Pro camera in your bouquet and relives the walk down the aisle moment over and over. You can even hook it up to display during the ceremony to give guests a first look account of the moment.

Video guestbook: instead of using a traditional guestbook folks are now using iPads. There are specialty apps that allow people to write notes and take photos. Instruct guest to record a quick message and cherish it for the rest of the years to come.

Add a charging station: every high-tech couple knows how important it is for guests to keep their cell phones charged. Make sure to set up a charging station area where guests can plug in.

Crowd source the playlist: set up iPads at different tables let people add songs to your music list through the Sonos app.

LED lights: lighting is one of the most important things of the ceremony reception and now LEDs are making their way into the outfits as well. Dresses and tuxes can use these lights in there designed to add extra pop to the wedding. All this costs extra course but the wow factor is definitely a plus. The lights can be on the brighter grew more into the wedding party. Lights are great addition to any wedding you can even put lights in the bouquet or other flower arrangements if the wedding takes place at night.