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Welcome to Events of Excellence

Welcome to Events of Excellence

Events of Excellence is a reliable partner with more than 20 years of experience in catering business, professional event planning and design. During this period of time our team has proved to be the company that is deeply committed to meeting the objectives and delivering the quality service without delays which is vitally important in organizing custom events, and weddings in particular.

Delicious food and immaculate service are indispensible parts of the successful wedding event! To ensure your wedding is a success we are always ready to offer a variety of wedding options, including high tech weddings, and more, organized by a team of wedding experts with big catering experience.

With customer needs in mind, the company constantly improves the services provided according to event catering trends, upgrades menu compliments and offers traditional foods with a unique twist. The dishes offered, level of service provided and a variety of entrees served can easily compete with those offered by the most renowned restaurants.

We serve weddings, business lunches, themed parties and even BBQ! Today our Sizzlin' BBQ menu boasts a wide selection of dishes cooked on grill.

Our services are available for all corporate and private events. Whether you plan some simple party or the most elegant event you can count on us to make it the most memorable and enjoyable one.