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Little Tricks for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

The reality is you can't control your wedding day but you can certainly prepare in advance. It is more tricky if your ceremony or reception is outdoors but you can always get your rental company to put an extra tent on reserve. It may cost you a bit more but it buys you peace of mind. It allows you to relax and stop looking at the forecast every 45 seconds.

Many couples think they can do all the planning other but hiring a day of coordinator helps. You can hire someone to handle the details on just the actual day and that will alleviate much stress. Try to be a guest at your own wedding.

When planning your schedule try not to line up manicures, pedicures or hair all on the morning of the wedding. Try not to do too much. Keep your wedding day strictly to hair and makeup, as it will go faster than you can ever imagine. With too many activities you won't have enough space to take in the very special moments of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

It's very tempting to check on the venue the day of the wedding while everyone is setting up but don't do it. You'll make yourself crazy to see the half finished product.

Don't rely on safety pins, make sure you have a friend or relative that goes with you to the fitting that knows exactly how to bustle your train and fix your dress. Make sure that same person sticks around post-ceremony to help you get out of your dress.

Make sure you make time for alone time with your new husband even if it's just five or 10 minutes during the reception. Sneak away to a secret spot or take a few minutes to hang out in a dressing room. If driving from a church to reception go alone than with others from the wedding party.

Get a "Just for you" meal that is ready for you immediately after the ceremony. Make sure you have a great cocktail and sample your food and you'll be all set to talk and dance without having to worry that you never got to eat and have to survive the rest of the evening.

Assign someone else to take pictures of your best college roommates instead of you wasting time trying to corral all of them for a picture. Find someone who knows the family and someone who knows all your friends you can cover all the groups in photos.

Make sure you also find someone that can collect all the special paper goods such as extra programs, monogrammed napkins, a copy of the menu etc. collecting the sets for your mother and mother-in-law will be a special gift for them and they will be thrilled.

You may need to feel you need to talk to your old high school English teacher but don't stay apart from your spouse too long. Link arms and don't mingle independently. Don't make it impossible for your photographer to capture you together.

Remember what's important on the special day. You can't control everything as things break and flower girls will cry. What matters most is the marriage not the centerpieces. As a bride you will drive the mood and it won't matter if the storm of the century is sweeping through because your all smiles and you are thrilled to be marrying the love of your life.