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Best and Worst 2018 Wedding Dates

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Millions of people have watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot just recently and reveled in their love story and all the perfect details of the May wedding day. Some couples have their own nuptials planned or still planning and perhaps drew some in inspiration from the royal wedding. For those still planning their 2018 wedding, we wanted to present a list of the best and worst wedding dates to keep in mind.

Best: Novelty number days

Every year has a few of those. Some fun number pattern examples this year are:

Repeat days

These are the dates when the numbers repeat and are not only fun to say and write, but might be of special significance to those that like the numbers in calendar dates in order:

January 8th, 2018 (1/8/18)

July 7th, 2018 (7/7/18)

November 11th, 2018 (11/11/18)

Palindrome days

Palindrome is a number, a word, or a phrase that goes the same way forwards and backwards, like a mirror. Think kayak, racecar, and noon. The same goes for dates: 8/10/18 or 8/19/18

Ultimate number day

This day is a palindrome and a repeat, making it an ultimate contender for the most popular wedding date this year: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 (8/1/18)

Best: Religious days

Some religions might have days that weddings are discouraged, but others might do the opposite and encourage the love fests. Some days are even considered lucky to get married on.

Tuesdays in Judaism are very lucky for a wedding because the Book of Genesis says that "God saw that it was good" twice about a third day of the week.

Wednesdays are great to get married according to Celtic folk traditions.

Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) the first day of new moon is great for a wedding, according to Jewish calendar, which is lunar.

Best: Days that are already important to you

These days are very important to sentimental couples. The day the met, the day they got engaged, the day they shared the first kiss, or went on the first date are all great options to have the wedding on. Not only this is very romantic, but it makes life simpler when you can combine both dates into one anniversary celebration for the future.

Best: Affordable days

If you want to have a location wedding, check the calendar and do some research to find out which days are cheaper than others to save some serious money. The same goes for travel costs for you and for your wedding party. Think middle of the week or an off season for tourist locations.

Worst: Personally important days

Before you send out the invitations, make sure the day you are thinking about is not already significant in some ways for you or your close family member. You don't want to have a wedding on your mom's 60th birthday.

Days of remembrance, days that are for honoring important events in your family, and other people's wedding dates are often better to be avoided. You don't want to have two different celebrations on the same day.

Worst: Holidays and days of remembrance

Getting married on a holiday weekend might seem as a perfect idea. After all, everybody has time off and can travel, and you are set to have enough time to recover after the festivities. But there is another side to a holiday wedding travel costs are higher and it might be very hard to coordinate everybody, because people tend to make plans far in advance. There is a high chance that some of your guests might have to decline the invitation, especially if it's adults only.

Mother's and Father's days are usually good, but still check with your own parents and your future in-laws to make sure they agree to celebrate your special day that time. Keep the holidays in mind, when planning your wedding.

These are the days to be careful about:

New Year's Eve

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 13-15)

Valentine's Day

Chinese New Year (February 16)

Mother's Day (May 12-13)

Memorial Day (May 26-28)

Father's Day (June 16-17)

Independence Day (July 4)

Labor Day (September 1-3)

Patriot Day (September 11)

Columbus Day (October 6-8)

Halloween (October 31)

Veteran's Day (November 11-12)

Thanksgiving (November 22)

New Year's Eve (December 31)

Worst: Religious and cultural holidays

You might not be aware, but there are some religious holidays that won't accommodate your wedding if you want to have it in the place of worship. Make sure your church will allow you to get married there on your chosen date. Reserve it before moving on with the rest of your wedding planning.

Holidays to keep in mind:

Tisha B'Av (sunset) July 21

Rosh Hashanah (sunset) September 9-11

Yom Kippur (sunset) September 18-19

Hanukah (sunset) December 2-10

Christmas Day December 25

Kwanzaa December 26 January 1

Ramadan (varies) May 15 June 14

Eid al-Fitr (varies) June 14-15

Eid al-Adha (varies) August 21

Ram Navami March 26

Krishna Janmashtami September 3

Worst: Sports holidays

Some people might not pay any attention to sports calendar and important days, but that is not to say about true sports fans. To them missing a big game might be like missing New Year's celebration for you. If you think that some of your guests might not be able to attend if their favorite team is playing a big game, you will be better off avoiding such dates all together.

Worst: Unlucky days

If you or someone close in your family are superstitious and will worry about a certain unlucky number putting a damp on the perfect day, avoid a few dates to give yourself a piece of mind:

Friday the 13th:

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Friday, July 13th, 2018